Research Paper on Early Childhood Education

Despite the difference in cultures and educational methods, teachers from different countries solve similar problems: to determine the content, methods and means of early childhood education most suitable for the harmonious psycho-physical and social development of children, create the conditions, which would help the children of different ages enrich their interaction experience, expand their understanding of the cultural and ethnic diversity, joint education and training of healthy children and children with special needs, restructure preschools educational institution activities to best meet the needs of the family.

In Germany, most educational institutions are state-owned. The government regulations are intended to control training programs. Ministry of Education develops a concept of education policy, allocates funds for the expansion of educational institutions. Despite the fact that, in accordance with the German constitution, every province is responsible for the planning and implementation of the children education over its territory, all the provinces cooperate with each other and the Federal Government to ensure the compatibility of the courses in educational institutions.

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The lowest so-called elementary level of the German education system is kindergartens. Early childhood education in Germany has its long traditions. Kindergarten is a social institution of German origin, adopted by many countries. The word “kindergarten” is German and means literally a “children’s garden.”

The first kindergartens were founded at the beginning of the XIX century. The main function of such institutions was babysitting or nursing children of the workers during the workday. Workers had little interest in adding educational programs to the care of their children.

In bourgeois environment, kindergartens were intended to partly substitute the family and prepare children for school.

Today’s kindergartens in Germany have mainly educational functions, designed to ensure the development of child’s personality, skills of speech and social interaction. German children spend in kindergarten only the first half of their day. They usually spend their afternoon with their families.

In the U.S., there is no unified system of early childhood education. It is organized within the framework of various short-term or long-term programs to solve specific tasks. The program is understood as a system of meaningful measures in force to achieve a particular goal.

For example, in the U.S. there are a variety of programs for preschoolers. As a rule, these are the programs, which are designed to reducing the impact of the various stress factors on children and ensure their development.

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