Pharmacy Research Proposal

Pharmacy is the complex of the medical disciplines which studies the problems of production, security, research, preservation and marketing of drugs and the sources which can be used for the production of drugs. Pharmacy is one of the most important branches of health care, because the products of this discipline are used for treatment patients. Due to the work of the experts in pharmacy and their latest investigations in it new and new remedies for various diseases appear.

The establishment which is used for the needs of pharmacy (production and sale of drugs) is called a drugstore or chemists. Pharmacy as a complex discipline includes such branches as pharmaceutical chemistry, technology of pharmaceutical drug, court chemistry, organization and economics of pharmacy, military pharmacy, etc. The experts in pharmacy are called pharmacists.

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Pharmacy, being a vast discipline with vast requirements, embraces a great number of various establishments which serve to it. First of all there are research institutes, which work out the theory for the discipline and investigate the qualities of the plants, minerals, required for the production of drugs. Then, there are laboratories and pharmaceutical plants, which produce drugs on the basis of the discoveries of the research institutes. Next, there are special establishments which serve for the cultivation and processing of the pharmaceutical plants. Finally, there are drugstores which preserve and sell drugs to the customers. Most of drugs can not be purchased without a prescription, which can be taken from a doctor. The only problem of pharmacy is quite a slight connection with the system of health care and there are expectations that the further reforms will integrate pharmacy into the system of health care to improve the quality of work of the both.

A successful research proposal on pharmacy should contain only reliable original data organized into the strict and logical structure. A student is expected to create a persuasive research proposal to make the professor believe the topic is worth investigation. He should explain the purpose of the research, illustrate the expected results and provide the professor with the evidence of the further profound research in the form of the high-quality literature review and methodology sections. It will be a plus if a student concludes the proposal evaluating the importance of the research on pharmacy for the discipline.

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