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Physical security is a rage of measures to ensure the property protection or/and safety of individuals. It aims to prevent the impairment of the function, destruction or seizure of property by troublemakers, criminals or enemies. It is designed to maintain the usability and functionality of the object under protection. It as well may mean a service by private companies providing objects and other forms of security.

Those writing research papers on physical security have to know that the protection can be provided by the military forces, the police and security services. It may be provided by the State (usually military) for economic and privately used objects (residences, housing estates (“housing areas”)).

Protection objects can be: building, equipment (such as ammunition dumps or nuclear power stations) or large vehicles of all kinds (such as warships).

Among the objects of physical protection may also be cash in transit and dry cask storage in transport.

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Occasions for a physical security are concrete evidence or an abstract risk assessment. After the events of the 11th September 2001, all diplomatic missions of the United States of America are considered as endangered.

Physical security is mainly achieved due to the following protective measures:

  • Patrolling
  • Observation
  • Enter control (i.e., barrier boards)
  • Access control
  • Identity findings (optionally with files matching)
  • Searches of persons or property (vehicles, stowed goods)

The patrolling is normally carried out by uniformed physical security forces. The type and the temporal presence of the guard may be modulated depending on the situation. Physical security uses also structural and technical facilities and equipment such as barrier boards, roadblocks, dragon’s teeth, video surveillance and bulletproof glass: a total of all measures and technical systems available.

For monitoring the guard, guard control systems are used. In this case, the control points are provided at various points of the object to be protected. The guard leads a hand-held device with them, which recognizes the checkpoint and saves them along with the time. So the presence of the Guardian can be found at the checkpoint later.

Ensuring the physical security of the enterprise involves the creation of a system of physical protection of the facility, which minimizes the possibility of uncontrolled intruders inside the protected area, their movement within the controlled area, the commission of any action aimed at causing damage of property and material values, as well as life and health of personnel.

Physical protection system (PPS) is a set of capabilities designed to protect the vital material resources and personnel of the enterprise (the object) from the threats, the malicious (unauthorized) sources such as offenders (criminals, terrorists, and others.) as well as the objects of their protection.

The main directions of the physical security include: organizational arrangements, technical and engineering protection, physical protection and guarding.

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