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School security is a set of measures and activities implemented in cooperation with local governments, law enforcement agencies, other support services and public organizations, to ensure its safe operation and willingness of staff and students to rational actions in emergency situations.

School security is a priority for the school administration and the teaching staff. The object of this activity are: labor protection, safety regulations, civil defense measures to prevent terrorist attacs and compliance with the requirements of labor protection. School security includes all kinds of security including fire, electrical, explosion, hazard associated with the technical state of the environment.

Today, the risks associated with the issue of school security seriously increased. This concerns not only physical factors, but psychological factors may also be associated with danger. The school and its adjacent areas have a variety of vulnerabilities where intimidation or bullying children become possible.

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Many years of the experience in the field showed that every human activity, useful for its existence, at a time can be a source of danger, negative impact, and cause injury, illness, and sometimes death. Any activity can inflict harm to a person: labor, labor training, recreation, and entertainment. Any activity by students, parents, or teachers is potentially dangerous.

At the same time, any activity can be protected; risk of disruptive influences and dangerous consequences can be reduced. Therefore, safety is an objective need for every activity. These provisions are the basis of the theory and methodology of solving the general problem – providing safety of human life in all forms of his activity.

At school, there should be two security posts: at the entrance to the school and the school back door. The school building is equipped with a panic button, call button for private security, and fire alarm system.

All the person entering the school, excluding students and stuff, must be registered by security stuff in the log. The school building must be controlled through the video surveillance system. The students cannot leave the school building during school hours without special permission of the class teacher or administrator on duty. Entry into the school should b denied to any visitors if they refuse to produce identification documents and explain the purpose of the visit.

The school should hold regular classes on the basics of life safety, practical training in first aid, training sessions for the evacuation of schools in emergency situations. Held annually practical school-wide activities (“Children’s Day,” “Safety Day,” etc.)

The school must have an integrated security cabinet, which contains various visual aids, methodical literature, tutorials and manuals, layout for first aid, personal protective equipment, etc.

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