Reading Comprehension Strategies Research Report

Comprehension is the primary goal of reading, so the entire process should be dedicated to that goal. If the student is reading but is not able to understand what he is reading the process becomes meaningless. The researchers showed those comprehension strategies could help improve reading skills and contribute to the reader’s success in covering the material.

Monitoring comprehension
It is the first strategy that could be applied since the reader can think about what he or she is reading and note the moments when it becomes hard to understand the content and fix up this moment.

The student should pay attention to the following moments:

  • note where the difficulty occurs
  • note what the actual problem is
  • paraphrase difficult passage or sentence
  • return to the particular place in the text to revise knowledge about a specific subject
  • go further in the text to learn more about the current subject

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Method for teaching
This strategy can be taught through the cooperative learning in combination with explicit methods. Thinking aloud in the group would help to demonstrate the strategy.

Graphics and semantic organizers
Allow a student to organize the text, structure it in the form of a scheme and to understand the logic of the text.

Method for teaching
Direct explanation in the best way to demonstrate the strategy and its benefits.

Answering questions
Applying this strategy, the reader can identify the main points in the text and ensure a high level of concentration that would allow finding more details.

Method for teaching
Again, direct explanation of the strategy and its goals would be the best option.

Generating questions
By generating questions, students become more actively involved in work on a text and can check their comprehension by answering these questions.

Method for teaching
Cooperative learning is required here. Working as a group, students will pay attention to different aspects and turn each other’s attention to various details.

Recognizing story structure
In fact, it is the organization of the content and events of the story. The implementation of this strategy contributes not only comprehension of the text but also memorizing, and the ability to retell the story.

Summarizing allows students to identify the essence of the text, its main ideas as well as express these ideas in their own words.

Method for teaching
This exercise, as well as the previous one, should be learned by students through being flexible in combining all the strategies, like asking and answering questions, working as a group and following direct instructions.

Using mental imaginary
This strategy is based on readers’ mental images of what they read. It increases both comprehensions and memorizing and develops psychic abilities of the student at the same time.

Method for teaching
Since the application of this strategy is personal, it should be explained directly to the students.

Methods for teaching
On summarizing methods for teaching mentioned above, it is necessary to point out that all of them should be carefully used to achieve possibly better results.

In this respect, it is worthy to note that cooperative learning, for instance, implies mutual efforts of the classroom and each student in particular and a teacher. In such a way, students are taught through cooperation, which provides them with the possibility to take responsibility and learn material quite independently while a teacher would primarily guide students.

Obviously, this method may be extremely efficient. At the same time, the method of direct instructions may also be quite helpful though it seems to be less democratic since students initially receive instructions they would follow and not cooperate as in the previous method. As a result, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the proper implementation of the method of direct instructions. In this respect, it is possible to recommend primarily to stimulate the interest of students. Then it is necessary to inform students about the main goal of the task they are supposed to do. After that, it is vital for students to get interested in the successful and precise following to the instructions given by the teacher. Finally, students who do the task well need a positive feedback.

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