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Teaching Method is the process of interaction between teacher and students, which results in the transfer and assimilation of knowledge and skills stipulated by the plan of education. Teaching method is a short-term interaction between the teacher and the students, directed the transfer and assimilation of specific knowledge and skills.

According to the tradition learning method are divided into three groups:

    • Methods of organization and implementation of educational and cognitive activity: 1. Verbal, visual, practical. 2. Reproductive explanatory-illustrative, study, research, problem solving, etc. 3. Inductive and deductive (depends on logic of presentation and perception of the educational material);

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  • Methods for monitoring the effectiveness of learning and cognitive activity: Oral and written testing and self-testing of knowledge, skills and abilities;
  • Methods of promoting learning and cognitive activity: Encourage the formation of motivation, a sense of responsibility, commitment, interest in the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

In practical training, there are other approaches to the definition of teaching methods, which are based on the extent of the educational material perception: passive, active, interactive, heuristics, etc. These definitions need further clarification, as learning process cannot be passive and is not always a disclosure to students.

College and university students who have decided to devote their research proposals to topic of teaching method have to understand that any method in one way or another is aimed at the realization of scientific ideas, positions, and theories in practice. Therefore, teaching method lies between science and practice.

In summary, it must be said that there is no single method that is perfect and suitable for all teaching situations. On the contrary, more efficient is a selection of appropriate methods and variability in the learning process. The optimal methods have to be selected for each learning situation. A theory have to be viewed from the different angles, but the teacher must always remember that learning / teaching is the main process, and the student / learner is the central figure in education. A primary function of the teacher is not to transfer the knowledge, but to create conditions for their formation.

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