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Hippocrates, born around 460 BC on the island of Kos, Greece, was a doctor from the dynasty of Asclepiades that took its origin from Asclepius – the god of medicine.

Asclepiades family, also called the Kos school, kept in the V century BC religious forms and traditions, for example, they had instituted an oath that closely connected students with a teacher, a fellow by profession. The first training in medicine Hippocrates received from his father, a physician Heraclides. In order to improve his medical skills Hippocrates traveled a lot and studied medicine in different countries with local medical practices and vows that hung on the walls of temples of Asclepius.

Hippocrates lived in the time of Pericles, Socrates, and Plato. He treated philosopher Democritus from his fake madness. He is considered a great figure in the history of medicine, recognized as the founder of his own medical school. This intellectual school revolutionized medicine in ancient Greece, separated from it magic and philosophy with which it has traditionally been connected and made medicine a profession.

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Hippocrates is credited with the authorship of the famous Code of Hippocrates. However, this collection of treatises by medicine practitioners, who belonged to the school of Hippocrates, and personal writings of Hippocrates, so not much is known what was Hippocrates actual thoughts, writings, and deeds. However, without a doubt, for centuries Hippocrates has been regarded as a model of a doctor. In particular, his name is associated with systematization of medical legacy from previous schools. The globally famous is of course the Hippocratic Oath, which regulates professional and ethical activity of doctors.

He probably died in Larissa, where he long lived and worked at the age of 83 or 90, although some estimates suggest that he lived more than 100 years.

Hippocrates is seen as the first doctor who rejected superstition, myths, and beliefs that the disease is a product of supernatural and divine power. Hippocrates was criticized by Pythagoras followers, who combined medicine and theology. He separated the discipline from religion considering disease to be caused by external factors, such as diet and bad habits. Indeed, the texts belonging to the Code of Hippocrates, contain no mention of the mysterious causes of disease. However, Hippocrates was working with the views that were based on imperfect knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Each Greek school of medicine had its own opinion about how to treat a disease. At his time, almost nothing was known about the human anatomy and physiology through the Greek taboo on opening the body. Therefore, doctors were unable to find the main cause by many different symptoms. School of Hippocrates has become more successful by using generalized diagnosis and harmless treatment.

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