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Life satisfaction is the assessment of the personal life situation by the person, not determined by feelings. Similarly, life satisfaction is not a current state and not dependent on whims, but the result of a reflection on the person’s own situation. Life satisfaction is always related to a longer period and includes the evaluation of very different areas such as partnership, occupation , finances, leisure , friends, living situation, etc.

Those who write research papers on the topic, have to correctly understand that psychologists determine life satisfaction often with general questions, such as “All in all, how satisfied are you with your life?” To which the people then to be able to answer “mediocre,” “absolutely” or “not at all” with varying degrees.

The life satisfaction are compared to the living conditions, depending on what they actually are and what life satisfaction arises therefrom, in the social sciences, various technical terms are used:

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  • The combination of good living conditions and positive well-being is the most desirable combination and is called “Happiness.”
  • “Adaptation” means the combination of poor living conditions in the coexistence of satisfaction (also called “paradox of life satisfaction in old age”). The term had input in the appearance of this Gerontology.
  • In the “deprivation” we have bad living conditions associated with negative well-being.
  • “Dissonance” refers to the situation in which good living conditions are present, however, dissatisfaction is also expressed (“dissatisfaction dilemma”).

Satisfaction with life as a personal quality is the ability in own awareness of life to feel satisfaction, serenity and humility, to show positive emotions with a mental comparison of their goals, desires, intentions and expectations with actual results, the current state with the past, weighing the prospects for the future comparisons of own life with the life of environment.

Happiness is a life satisfaction in the company of joy. Most people find it so. Joy is emotional, and satisfaction – a conscious component of happiness.

Satisfaction with life is the ultimate goal. People mentally compare their current position with the past, weighing the prospects of the future, compares their life with that of others, and if all is well, to enter a pleasant state of satisfaction.

What are the pluses or advantages of life satisfaction as personality traits? As already mentioned above, the satisfaction is the basic ingredient for happiness.

But this is not the only plus for the owner of this quality, especially if it is in the state of well-being. Man satisfied with life, receives a gift from it in peace, tranquility, prosperity, sobriety and humility. When a person is satisfied with his life he has ceased to be nervous, worried, unnecessarily wasting their strength. It seems to be a good idea to inspect some free sample research papers on life satisfaction to know all the various aspects f the phenomenon.

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