Research Report on Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Research Report:

Customer satisfaction is the indicator of the fact whether the production of the company meets all the client’s requirements. The factor of customer satisfaction is extremely important for the development of business, because if the client is satisfied with the quality and price of the product, he will surely purchase another product of this firm and advise his friends and relatives to buy something there. The indicator of customer satisfaction is evaluated with the help of different methods. The most popular one is the method of interviewing or questionnaire. When a client buys something, he is asked by the administrator whether he is satisfied with the quality and price of the product and if the client gives a positive answer, the company can be sure that the product is of high quality.

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On the other hand a questionnaire in the Internet is far more valid, because there clients can answer to the questions more honestly. The answers vary from ‘very dissatisfied’ to ‘somewhat satisfied’ and ‘very satisfied’ and the satisfaction is measured according to this scale. The system of the evaluation of customer satisfaction is quite easy and starts from the direct process of selling.

When the customer buys a product, he is asked to evaluate it. If there are certain problems, the product is improved according to the client’s requirements. Then, the improved product is sold again and the survey is conducted once more. If the clients are satisfied, the indicator of satisfaction is high and the company can produce the goods and services in the appropriate quantities without the fear of failure.

Customer satisfaction is the important factor of the success of every business, because if the indicator of customer satisfaction in low, there is no chances to create the firm basis for the further development of business and achievement of the returning customers. When a student is interested in the investigation of the topic on customer satisfaction and has brand new ideas about the ways to increase this indicator, he can try to prepare a good customer satisfaction research report and analyze the topic well. He will have to explain the purpose of the investigation, share his expectations and the methodology used for the research of the problem.

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