Research Proposal on Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is the rate of enjoyment people receive from their work. The majority of people consider that the main purpose of a job is profit. No matter whether you like it or not, you have to do the work right, otherwise you will lose it. Very few people can say that they like their job. More than 90 percent of people hate their job but need it to support their living. A small percent of people who like their job managed to combine money and pleasure and really can be called happy. The only way to make a job pleasant for you is to open your own business and combine it with work. When one does the favorite work and receives money for it – it can be called a successful life.

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Psychologists spend much time to understand what factors influence job satisfaction and try to create various techniques which detect the suitable job for an individual. In order to make job pleasant in future, children are given special tests which measure their abilities and offer appropriate list of professions which are suitable for the skills of a child. This policy is quite positive but still should be considerably improved.

A successful research proposal should be logically constructed and present valuable evidence which prove that the topic is worth researching. The paper should contain the general facts about the types of jobs, their importance and whether they can be pleasant for an individual. It should present the way people chose a job, how they explain their choice, etc. A proposal should be convincing and carry something new and interesting to make the professor believe the topic is worth deep research. The most important point is that it should introduce methods and techniques which should help people chose a profession correctly and teach them love their job.

The problem of job satisfaction is very important for everybody, because none of us will manage to escape from work. So, when students need to prepare a good proposal they mostly know what they are going to investigate in their papers, but the problem is that the paper should be composed and formatted well in order to be accepted. That is why students need good free examples of research proposals on job satisfaction and productivity to understand how to organize the writing process properly.

Having worked out reliable literary sources (books on psychology, articles on management, encyclopedias, newspapers and magazines) one is ready to present a point of view on the topic and offer some good solutions and concepts. Reading free samples of research proposals on job satisfaction and motivation students see how a good paper should look like. The only problem is to find a trustworthy exmple of a paper which is written by real experts in this field.

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