Research Paper on Delegation in Management

It’s often said that management is a creative approach to problem solving on the workplace. The role of managers is to organize the work in such a way that it under minimal inputs it gives the maximal feedback. Organization of work takes a lot of efforts and responsibilities, as managers should not only plan the work but also distribute it among employees coming from the possibilities of employees, their personal traits and skills. In big organization it’s very difficult for managers to control execution of tasks on different levels if the number of executives is very big or if the organization of labor creates formal obstacles to do so. In such situation, it’s very important to develop the strategy of controlling the execution of tasks on all levels relying only on executives. It means that the work of executives should be based on delegation of tasks.

Delegation is very important in leadership style of managing different projects. First of all it creates new atmosphere in the group, making people be more responsible for their work and making them feel their value, which is very important in creating extra motivation. In many respects delegation is one of the most difficult tasks for a new manager in a company due to a number of reasons (new manager doesn’t know the nuances of a company, he is not well acquainted with personnel, etc.). As Thomas R. Horton writes:

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“Delegation is often very difficult for new supervisors, particularly if they have had to scramble to start the nonprofit or start a major new service themselves. Many managers want to remain comfortable, making the same decisions they have always made. They believe they can do a better job themselves. They don’t want to risk losing any of their power and stature (ironically, they do lose these if they don’t learn to delegate effectively). Often, they don’t want to risk giving authority to subordinates in case they fail and impair the organization.”

Delegation should take an important role in planning process, as it’ll be an important component in time saving and scheduling. Delegation in organizing and staffing function of management will create optimal form of tasks and responsibilities distribution among the employees. At this point, manager has to inform executives about the whole task of the project, so that they have a clear idea about what they are working on. Also it’s very important to attract personnel to planning process as well so that distribution of tasks would be more objective and from another side such practice will increase responsibility and diligence of personnel. Manager should also inform staff person about the project in full details, giving the clear picture of how the result should look like, so that the final evaluation will be deprived of unexpected subjectivism. Delegating the task to staff personnel should be done in the way so that the person who will be in charge of certain part of the task will be fully informed about the expected results and other nuances. Scheduling the task is very important as well, if the personnel and staff know exact date of the project they’ll plan on their level their responsibilities and work.

Controlling function of management is also very important in delegation as it allows to check the readiness of the project on every step of its executing and it also allows to change the concept of execution and management strategy if the personnel faces certain kind of issues fulfilling the task. At this point it’s very important to main open communication with all the personnel. Such communication practices, when subordination is eliminated allow to check the status of the project on different stages from the inside, which allows to understand the situation with a group from the inside and it also allows to react on certain problems with project execution quick enough.
Most of managers agree that personnel and stuff should also be informed about the rewards and encouragements when they receive the task, not when the task is fulfilled. Manager should inform about rewards together with delegation, so that extra stimulus would be created and executives will have extra motivation. Evaluating the complete work manager shouldn’t pay much of his attention to methods, but to the results.

Making a conclusion it’s important to outline that delegation is very important in management, especially in big companies with a limited number of management personnel, as it allows to organize work effectively, it allows to create motivation and it stimulates workers to work effectively and to be more productive.


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