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Anonymous is a loose group of net activists and hackers that have threatened and taken the security attacks against websites, including Denial of Service attacks and hacked accounts. Often said to be the purpose of civil resistance to retaliate against countries, governments, businesses, churches and individual users who, it believes, have attempted to limit the freedom of culture, information distribution, expression and transparency on the internet. The group activity is sometimes described by critics either as shenanigans, or bullying, trolling or anarchic cyber-terrorism. Despite conceptual similarities to the Pirate Party, representatives of the party distanced themselves from Anonymous.

Those who are about to write a good research paper on anonymous have to learn that the name is taken from the word “anonymity” under which the activists post often remarkably raw images and sexist comments on specific Internet communities.

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Anonymous has several mottos associated with it, one of the most used is “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us – always.” As well as, “Since none of us are as cruel as all of us together.” occurs frequently associated with Anonymous.

The group attracted the public’s attention when on January 16th 2008 it declared war on Scientology because the sect tried to remove a confidential video containing Tom Cruise, from Youtube. The group organized a Denial of Service attack against the Scientology website with Google Bombs, strategically linking the search results containing the term “dangerous cult” lead automatically to the Scientology websites. In addition to this they sent black faxes to Scientology church centers around the world and created lots of new Scientology-critical websites.

Anonymous has no hierarchical structure, nor any leader without trust entirely to the individual’s contribution to the group. Overall Anonymous consists of people who are familiar with Internet culture, with some of them also with very good hacker knowledge.

Due to the virtually non-existent organization there is also no requirement for knowledge or the like to become a member: you choose to get involved, and do it in the name of Anonymous. Projects and operations organized by someone believes that something should be corrected or addressed, and ask for the aide. Gradually, as more and more is heard about the incident, and more people may choose to participate.

The internet is definitely an essential tool for the activity of the community whose members chooses to anonymously disseminate and partly anonymously communicate with each other to share ideas for future events and goals. It is primarily done through sites like:

  • YouTube,
  • Slashdot,
  • 4chan,
  • and various IRC channels.

Although the movement has a serious message often including a certain comical element. This may be different clothing themes or making fun of their opponents.

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