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Scientology (from Lat. Scio and Greek. ?????) is a religious and philosophical doctrine, which was founded and developed by American science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in 1950 as a new religious movement.

L. Ron Hubbard characterized Scientology as an applied religious philosophy. Scientology includes the philosophy and techniques of spiritual development, covering topics such as ethics, detoxification, education, management, and others.

In Scientology, there are two trends: the Church of Scientology and Free Zone. The most famous is the Church of Scientology, which has existed since 1953. The Free Zone separated from the Church as a result of a split in the early 1980s.

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There are followers of Scientology in over 100 countries. Among the adherents of the Church of Scientology, there are popular cultural figures, including Hollywood stars. According to the organization itself, the Church of Scientology has 3200 communities, missions, and groups in 154 countries. Among the supporters of the Church of Scientology, there are some well-known persons.

Scientologists themselves are spreading the success stories about their followers, telling about the favorable results of Scientology practices. According to these stories, Scientology can develop any desired capacity, increase intelligence, to achieve happiness, and total spiritual freedom.

Scientology is considered one of the most disputed of new religious movements, numerous lawsuits involving Scientology often led to the imposition of sanctions and penalties on both the organization and its critics.

Criticisms often come from a number of former Scientologists, community and religious leaders, scientists, government and healthcare organizations. They tend to deny declared by Scientologists humanitarian and religious-philosophical activity, which is determined as purely commercial enterprise and totalitarian sect, and the Scientology methods are considered as having disruptive influence on the human body and psyche. It is also considered as the most massive UFO-religion.

Students writing their research proposals on the issue, may use free sample research paper topics on Scientology to study the history of organization. Thus, they will know that Ron Hubbard was a writer of science fiction and fantasy. The first article about the Dianetics by Hubbard appeared in May 1950 in Astounding Science Fiction magazine where he was a regular writer. The article had been announced for several months by the editor John W. Campbell, who has presented it as an important scientific work.

Along with it, the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health appeared on 8 May 1950. Ron Hubbard claimed to have identified the source of psychosomatic illnesses, after several years of personal research.

The method of Dianetics was quickly embraced. By July, the book was a bestseller and “Dianetics clubs” were established all over the United States to experience the audition method described by Hubbard. At that time, the American Psychiatric Association demanded that Dianetics was subjected to scientific investigation.

In 1952, Hubbard expanded Dianetics into a secular philosophy he called “Scientology” and declared it a religion in December 1953, with opening of the first Church of Scientology in Camden, New Jersey.

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