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Beauty as opposed to ugliness is an abstract concept that is strongly associated with all aspects of human existence. The meaning of this word is mainly concerned the philosophical discipline of aesthetics and is commonly defined as the property of an object, which gives pleasure through the senses or through the experience of pleasure. In everyday life, word “beautiful” is usually referred to something that leaves a very good impression: a beautiful body, a beautiful piece of music, a beautiful sequence of movements in dance.

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In ancient Greece, the concept of beauty was much wider than it is now. It was primarily associated with the idea of righteousness, spirituality, morality of the thought and reason then already related to excellence as a condition of beauty and art at the highest level. In the period of the Renaissance, beauty was reflections on excellence of the great artists. Petrarch and Giorgio Vasari opposed to the value of beauty (as an objective) different aesthetic concepts such as grace (considered by them to be subjective). Immanuel Kant considered beauty as something universally, unconditionally, and immediately pleasing.

Modern psychiatry introduced the concept of beauty in the psychic life: beautiful is what makes you happy. Beauty around you especially illuminates your soul, gives you energy, it reminds somehow living in a kind of paradise. To feel happy we must surround us with something we are happy about, something beautiful and this beauty will brings us the joy that will make the outside attacks less aggressive. On the contrary, depressive people see everything in black, their world is ugly, therefore, once again, if beauty is what makes you happy, ugliness (outside) is what makes you unhappy.

For many centuries, humankind is familiar with the concept of beauty and always appreciated the beauty in all its forms. If you have decided to write a research paper on beauty, you will dive into the wonderful world of beauty. To start with you must conduct a research on what is definition of beauty or beautiful. The utterances of ancient philosophers shed light on ancient representations of this concept. And if you want to learn what today scholars think about beauty you have to study the works by psychiatrists. You should profoundly analyze the information that you have collected in the course of your research and present your own ideas on this point.

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