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Body image is the human perception of the aesthetics and sexual attraction of her own body. The term body image was first introduced in 1935 in the book The Image and Appearance of the Human Body. People have always paid attention to the beauty of their body and the human appearance has always been in the center of art, fashion, etc. It is obvious that since the ancient times people, especially women, have been trying to look attractive following the trends of fashion, keeping fit, the body mass in the appropriate way. It is quite interesting that the fashion and the understanding of beauty were different in different times. For example, after the Middle Ages slim and thin women were supposed to be sick and not attractive and the women with the slight overweight were considered to be beautiful.

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Nowadays, the situation has changed and the image of the ideal beautiful woman in the minds of an average person is completely different. It is a slim long-haired woman who keeps fit and consumes healthy food. Of course, body image does not always meet the general standards, because everyone has different taste and evaluates his or her body in his own way. Nowadays, because of the problem of advertising and impose of the mind of the certain designers, many young women evaluate their bodies inadequately thinking that they suffer from overweight. As a result the women’s self-esteem is hurt and they start suffering from the psychological problems trying to lose weight. The most common disorder related with the inappropriate evaluation of the personal body image is anorexia nervosa.

Body image is a serious and interesting topic for the research which teaches students to accept their bodies as they are reminding about the examples from the human history about the concept of beauty and attractiveness. The student is able to observe the issue from all possible sides suggesting his own personal approach towards the research of the question on body image. One should dwell on a few points connected with body image and present them in the detailed research proposal. The final student’s duty is to focus on the methods and sources used for writing.

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