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Body image is the general understanding and attitude of an individual to his own body. Most often body image is understood like a perception and evaluation of one’s own beauty and sexuality.

People has always devoted much attention to the observation and analysis of their own body, the best example is the ancient Greece, where people fascinated with the image of human body and described it in literature and sculpture. People start investigating their body since childhood and often ask their parents about their body and its parts.

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Body image is one of the main things which differs a human being from an animal. An animal does not care about its beauty and image of the body, but people devote much attention to this aspect, because we evaluate people from their appearance and most often fall in love with someone, because one is beautiful. No wonder, beauty has been always described in poetry like the synonym of everything positive. Today everyone tries to be beautiful or sees some weak points of his body. A great number of people, both men and women are dissatisfied with their body image. Especially, it can be observed on the example of the women who are trying to lose weight and when they see a beautiful thin lady they start to feel disappointed and even depressed.

Body image is researched by a range of sciences and disciplines, like psychology, sociology and culture. Today people are so fascinated by their body that they are ready to waste much money to become beautiful and a range of businessmen take advantage of it. There are a lot of products which claim they will make once skin or hair beautiful and they cost much. Moreover, plastic surgery has developed not so long ago due to people’s attitude to their body. A well-organized research paper should explain the term properly; describe the aspects of body image, advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon and present smart conclusions on the topic. A successful research paper also includes effective solutions, pieces of advice and guidelines for people who do not like their body to change their opinion for the better.

When a student researches the question of body image, he has to realize the question from its roots and recollect the history of the phenomenon. Then, it is easy to observe and analyze the development of body image professionally and present valuable paper on the topic. In order to direct your thoughts into the correct order, it is helpful to look through free example research papers on body image issues in the Internet. Very often one manages to make a proper structure, outline and format of the paper only due to free sample research papers on body image and the media found in the web.

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