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Bilingualism means two languages. Bilingual people are the people talking two languages in their everyday life. Many of them became bilingual in their adulthood. However, the overwhelming majority of bilingual people are that way from their early childhood.

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It turned out that bilingual children use their brain much more effectively in old age and have a significantly lower level of cognitive impairment.

It is no secret that with age our brain’s ability to perform complex tasks, such as planning, scheduling, and multitasking gradually decreases as well as the ability to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings and circumstances.

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Recently, the official publication of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN), which unites around the world more than forty thousand doctors and scientists in the study of the brain and nervous system, published the results of a large-scale study. Brain scans of elderly people aged 60 to 68 years of age during the test job were made using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It consisted of three simple tasks. The first required the parties to determine whether the specified shape was a square or circle, the second was to determine the color of several objects, and the third was a combination of the first two. Since the participants had to resolve two different problems (color and shape), the scholars called the tests “task switching jobs.”

Everyone who participated in the study, spent more time for the switching tasks test, than for the other two more simple tasks. However, the participants, who were bilingual from their childhood, experienced significantly lower latency in their reactions during the task-switching test in comparison with those who spoke only one language. This shows that they are using their brain much more effectively.

Scientists suggest that the area of the brain associated with the transition from one language to another, is related to those areas, which are involved in switching from one task to another. Thus, the regular transition from one language to another from the earliest years coached and enhanced those parts of the brain that are associated with the change task.

In another study by psychologists at the York University in Toronto, more than 500 elderly patients with Alzheimer’s disease were surveyed. However, half of the study participants were bilingual. It turned out that in the bilingual patients the symptoms began to appear, on average, five years later than in those speaking only one language.

Surprisingly, computed tomography of the brain of the patients with Alzheimer’s disease showed that prognosis looks much better for the bilingual patients.

The researchers still have to run a number of experiences and experiments for scientific explanations of this phenomenon. However, it is already clear that the regular exercise of the brain, posing challenges that require rapid attention, can render a good service in old age, having a noticeably smaller brain performance reduction due to bilingualism.

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