Research Paper on How Music Affects the Brain

It is known from the ancient times that music has a very pronounced effect on people. Due to research in that field a great deal became known about the effect of music on the function of the brain. Many studies showed that music strongly affects the brain, and especially the memory.

If you are looking for help in writing a research paper on how music affects the brain it is very important to study the problem from various angles in order to make sure objective investigation. It is still quite an unexamined phenomenon so you have to be careful in your conclusions.

At listening to corresponding music, for the students learning foreign languages, it was far easier to remember new words. And what is most essential, they remembered these words in the register of long memory. Such an effect was achieved by playing classical music during their studies.

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Other research showed the results in relation to advantages of listening of music of different styles and tempos (classical or jazz). There was no difference between various genres. However, during the experiment it was found that the brain can tell the difference between tempos. It appeared that information is memorized far better, when slow music plays.

Another study was undertaken in order to verify the effect music has on thinking abilities. This research educed the certain effect of music of Mozart on IQ.

Patients suffering from the Alzhelmer’s disease were also examined on their reaction on music, and showed certain respond: listening to music returned to memory many forgotten events, remembrances that were quite forgotten. Patients with Parkinson disease have also showed a positive respond: their motor skills became notedly better, their ability to move became better for some patients, while music played.

Anyway, not every music positively influences the brain. Some types of music can compel the brain to lose the connection between right and left hemispheres. We can all experience it if we try to concentrate on a task, while listening to loud or obtrusive music.

Music styles that cause these effects are mainly the aggressive forms of music, such as a heavy metal or rap. A certain type of beats can be harmful due to too frequent and continuous reiterations and may to the sensation of anger and hostility, as well as to the frequent changing of emotions and spontaneous aggression passing to sense of uncertainty.

For the positive effect of music on the brain, music must correspond to the certain criteria. Certainly it is very difficult to instil the culture of listening to certain music, only because it effectively influences on our state, but it is very important to be more attentive to what you listen, to study emotions arising up during listening to a certain type of music.

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