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Blood donation is a procedure where blood donors donate voluntary blood, which is then used in health care. Blood donation is now essential for the functioning of the modern healthcare system. In Algeria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and Morocco, blood donation is voluntary: that is, donors are not paid, unlike in other countries such as the United States and Tanzania, where the blood is considered a commodity.

Originally, only direct transfusion was applied. When the coagulation of blood could be prevented, they started to put blood in 1-liter glass bottles with anticoagulants. In practical terms, it was realized in the way that the bottle, containing anticoagulant, rotated on a plate, so that the blood could be mixed with anticoagulant.

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It was very important that the bottling unit was put in glass stopper in the right way, so that the air in the bottle could pass out at the same rate as the blood ran down into the bottle, otherwise there was a risk that the pressure was formed and the donor could get an air embolism. The amount of the bottling blood was difficult to estimate, so the amount of blood lost could vary significantly.

If you want to write a good research proposal on blood donation, you should use free sample research papers, which help you to understand that in order to ensure high quality and safety of blood and blood components and to prevent transmission of an infection by the blood transfusion, all such activities are strictly regulated by the Board’s regulations on blood activity (SOSFS 2009:28). Under current regulations, a person may not give blood for example, if he or she had sex in exchange for money, injected drugs, anabolic steroids or other drugs outside their doctor’s prescription, or after having a homosexual relationship. It allows people who have had a sexual risk behavior to donate their blood after at least 12 months have passed since the last risk activity. People with sexual risk behavior relates to women who have had sex with a man, which in turn had had sex with a man.

These conditions vary depending on the country. If the contamination by sexually transmitted infections (STIs), belonging to a population at risk, obviously drunk state or a long stay in Black Africa prohibit blood donation regardless countries, the United States also prohibit blood donation for people who have lived more than five years in Europe since 1980 because of the risk of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, following the outbreak of mad cow disease.

Blood donation begins with a medical questionnaire in which the donor specifies age, weight, date of last donation, his health, and various risk factors such as tattoos, drug use (recreational or dopant ), recent international travel and sexual history. Responses are associated with donated blood, but anonymity is guaranteed.

It is strongly advised to eat well and be in good shape before giving blood.

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