Research Proposal on Organ Donation

Organ donation is the action of the voluntary donation of the human organ or tissue to the patient who requires this organ as his life depends on it. Organ donation is divided into two types: the donation is conducted by the alive volunteer and the dead volunteer. The person who is going to die can write a message and donate his organs to the people who require them more. The action of organ donation is extremely courageous and noble. Due to the development of science and the sphere of health care people received the chance to borrow organs from other people and support their life with their help. The procedure of donation is quite dangerous, because very often the organism does not want to tolerate the new organ of a different person and the patient has to look for another donor. If the operation is successful, the patient receives a healthy organ and can survive. The most widespread donation is the blood donation.

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The patients who have lost much blood in a car crash or some other accident have the opportunity to receive the donor’s blood and save their life. It does not worth mentioning that donors and their organs are researched very carefully in order to avoid infecting the patient and to prevent the negative situation when the organism does not want to coexist with the stranger’s organ. Nowadays the humanity is able to practice one of the most dangerous and probably the most serious operations characterized with the heart donation. This operation is extremely dangerous and complicated but if it is successful, the patient has a new heart and is able to live a healthy life.

Organ donation is the important action which is able to save many human lives and improve the quality of life of the patients who require constant attention and support of physicists. The student is able to research the problem on organ donation deeper and share his ideas with the professor. The research proposal is expected to explain the importance of organ donation, its types, functions, pluses and minuses, present the methodology of the alternative research, the purpose of research paper writing, the sources used for the research and student’s expectations concerting the results of the research.

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