Research Paper on Celebrity Endorsement

Currently celebrity endorsement is one of the most popular celebrity marketing strategies that companies are widely using to attract the attention of the target audience. The purpose of this advertising strategy is to convince the highly educated, sophisticated, and discerning consumers.

With increasing competition, companies can no longer be satisfied with a simple presentation of its products to the buyer. Today’s brands have to give the consumer much more than the traditional values: quality, reliability, and trust. They should become a source of self-fulfillment for the consumer, self-expression, and identity. To attract the attention of the target market, companies often resort to the help of advertising with famous and popular people.

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Many experts emphasize the growing popularity and effectiveness of such a strategy. Companies often use celebrities to enhance the visual attraction of the brand or for re-branding. However, it is necessary to say frankly about the presence of certain almost uncontrollable factors in such a strategy. As a result, there are sometimes doubts regarding the capability of such a strategy to stimulate sales. In addition to that, the ethical and aesthetic aspects of the advertising perception by consumers remain virtually unexplored.

In their research papers on celebrity endorsement, college and university have to stress that in mature markets, involving celebrities in advertising can be an effective competitive weapon to differentiate the brand from its competitors in a very saturated advertising environment. Thanks to the natural great attraction that a celebrity can give to a brand, celebrity endorsement has always been the easiest way to attract consumers’ attention. They also should mention that, despite some shortcomings of such a strategy, it actually can exert an influence upon the target group of consumers, making them a brand loyal fans. Celebrities help to highlight the brand in the vast and stormy sea of ??advertising, thus increasing the communication capability of such advertising. In terms of future development, advertising involving well-known people are very promising. A further study of various aspects of it will only lead to its improvement.

To write a first-class research paper on celebrity endorsement, you have to elaborate a plan of your work. You must properly outline your thesis statement, to come up with good arguments based on the results of your research, and make necessary conclusions to prove the relevance of the chosen topic of your research. You will also have to most clearly present the most interesting and informative passages of your research proposals. If you are experiencing some difficulties in the presentation of your research paper, you may seek help from a free sample research proposals on different celebrity endorsement topics. With their help, you will learn how to write properly a good research paper. They will teach you the set of necessary rules, which you will be able to implement when writing your own scientific text.

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