Research Proposal on Components of Marketing

Components of marketing are the elements to be mentioned during the planning of the marketing strategy of every company. There are many components which are worth attention, but still, there are several points which define the success or failure of the marketing strategy of the business. Before the creation of the business plan, one should work out the detailed and practical marking strategy which will promote and advertise the product on the market, because without the smart organization of advertising even the best product will never attract the attention of the customers.

The essential component of marketing is the research of the market. The expert will need to analyze what products are accessible on the market and what target audience buys them. Moreover, one should learn about the competition in the sector of the market to understand whether there are chances to attract clients with the help of the production. Then, the expert should describe the product which he wants to introduce on the market.

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The description should contain the beneficial qualities to be interesting to the customers. Then, it is of vital importance to think about the means of advertising – the TV ads, the Internet ads, printed ads, etc. Moreover, it is possible to create the schedules and principles of discounts and sales which will attract customers with the reduced prices and special offers. Next, the businessman has to think about the costs of the product and the methods of its branding to create the image of the product and persuade consumers to pay more for it. In the end, one should evaluate how much money he can spend on the marketing strategies and assess their effectiveness.

Components of marketing are the crucial concepts, methods, processes, and actions which have to be carried out for the efficient development of the firm and its marketing strategy. The student can observe the problem on components of marketing in detail to prepare a logical and well-formatted persuasive research proposal which will suggest his point of view concerning the elements of marketing and their value for the improvement of the company’s income. One can design his methods for the research to observe the problem from the alternative sides to convince the professor in the right choice of the topic for the analysis.

It is quite tricky for the inexperienced student to prepare a well-structured and logical assignment which is supposed to convince the professor in the intelligence of the student, so a free sample research proposal on components of marketing will be quite useful in this case. It is wise to read a free example research proposal on components of marketing and learn about the methods of the smart analysis of the topic and the persuasive presentation of the arguments.

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