Research Proposal on Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is the process which is characterized with the fact that clients continue purchasing the production of the same brand all the time believing in its quality and enjoying its style and characteristics. Brand loyalty is probably the most important type of advertising for every company which owns a brand, because if clients go on buying the production of the same brand, the company does not have to waste extra money on advertising. It is a serious plus that customers have got used to the production, its look, design and characteristics and if they are satisfied with the quality and price, they will buy it further. It is quite difficult for the company to make clients believe that the production is of the very quality they need and most often brand loyalty is the result of the skilful and professional marketing strategy and advertising. It is important to create the right image for the brand and if clients catch this image, the actual quality of the product will not matter much.

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Various companies apply different techniques and methods of attracting customers. The most appropriate way is to create special offers and programs which can be called beneficial for the client. For example, if one buys two products of the same brand, the third will cost 90% less. Then, the client is able to receive the special offers and gifts if he is a returning customer and has been buying the production of the same brand for several years (he has receive a constant 15% discount). Finally, brand loyalty is cultivated with the help of the special advertising techniques and people who inform their friends and co-workers about the quality of the production of the certain brand (the informer is a close person and his friends believe him and purchase these products too).

Brand loyalty is the special policy applied by the company aimed at the attraction of the client’s attention towards its brand. The student is able to prepare a quality research proposal and suggest his own vision of the problem and explain the best ways of the cultivation of brand loyalty. One can focus on the factors, elements, strategies, methods and strong and weak sides of the chosen ways of brand loyalty and evaluate the importance of the problem for the prosperity of the firm on its way of the competition on the market.

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