Research Paper on Conservation of Natural Resources

Conservation of natural resources is one of the most pressing problems of our time. Scientific and technological progress and strengthening of human pressure on the environment will inevitably lead to an aggravation of the ecological situation: running out of natural resources, polluting the environment, deforestation, loosing the natural link between man and nature, deterioration of physical and mental health, exacerbated by the economic and political struggle for commodity markets, the living space. In this connection, the limitation of natural resources of our planet is becoming more apparent with each decade.

You have to look through some free sample research papers conservation of natural resources to learn that people are too passive in understanding the extent of the danger posed by the flippant attitude towards the environment. Meanwhile, the solution (if there still is one) such formidable global challenges as environmental, requires urgent energetic joint efforts of international organizations, states, regions, public.

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During its existence, and especially in the XX century, humanity has managed to destroy about 70 percent of all natural ecological (biological) systems on the planet which were capable of handling human waste, and continues this “successful” destruction.

The volume of permissible impact on the biosphere as a whole is now repeatedly exceeded. Moreover, man discharge into the environment thousands of tons of substances that were never of natural origin and often cannot be recycled. All this leads to the fact that biological organisms, which act as regulators in the environment, are no longer able to perform this function. According to experts, in 30-50 years an irreversible process will begin, which at the turn of the XXI-XXII centuries will lead to global ecological catastrophe. The situation is particularly alarming in the European continent.

Natural resources are the means of livelihood, without which man cannot live, and that he finds in nature. It’s water, soil, plants, animals, minerals, we use directly or in processed form. They provide us with food, clothing, shelter, fuel, energy and raw materials for the industry, of which man creates comfort items, machinery, medicines.

Some types of resources, such as minerals, can be used only once (although some metals can serve as a secondary raw material). These kinds of resources called exhaustible or non-renewable resources. They have finite reserves, replenishment of which is practically impossible. Firstly, because there are no conditions under which they were formed millions of years ago, and secondly, the rate of formation minerals incomparably slower than their spending by humanity.

Other types of resources, such as water, are “coming back” to nature over and over again, no matter how many times we use them. These resources are called renewable or permanent resources. They are reproduced in the natural processes occurring in the world, and maintained in a constant amount determined by their annual growth rate and the flow rate (fresh water in rivers, atmospheric oxygen, wood, etc..)

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