Research Proposal on Sustainability

Sustainability is the ability of the natural environment stand the effect of the human activity.

Evidently, the nature of our planet is very strong and one should work hard to conquer it. If the planet could not resist our activity, all the animals and plants would be dead long ago. The nature has to conform to the activity of human beings who want to make the most comfortable living conditions for themselves. People can live well only in the comfortable environment, what makes them weaker than animals, because animals can survive in the most difficult environment without water and food and they manage to conform to the surrounding area. Due to the nature’s sustainability people can still enjoy wildlife and a great variety of flora and fauna.

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In order to reduce the impact of human activity on ecosystems a number of methods and techniques have been created. First of all it is the environmental management, which embraces a number of disciplines and fields of science which inform people about the value of pure ecosystems and a number of international organizations use this information of practice and protect nature. Another way to maintain the ecological situation is to make people use the natural resources wisely. If people reduce water pollution, the quantity of pure water will be enough to supply the whole humanity with it. Besides, people need to protect the environment not only to protect animals and plants but to gain healthy food and resources which can be provided only by the pure ecosystems.

Due to sustainability people have the opportunity to live in the world and use its wealth and resources. Evidently, the nature can not always rely only on itself, so people need to think over their activity and change their attitude to the nature for the better. A well-composed research proposal on such a serious topic should be based on the detailed investigation of the whole problem. Students should devote time to research the topic of sustainability to be able to analyze it from all sides and select all the advantages and disadvantages of the phenomenon. On the basis of this scrupulous investigation one is able to suggest writing a research proposal offering brand new methods which are effective to improve the ecological situation.

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