Research Proposal on Land Degradation

Land degradation is the reduction of the useful qualities and productiveness of soil because of the natural and anthropogenic factors.

Land degradation is not only the erosion of soil but also the alteration of the land’s surface because of the impact of water, wind and human activity.

Most often land degradation is associated with the reduction of the quality of soils which are extremely valuable for the development of agriculture. Land degradation is observed on all continents of the planet, and the experts start worrying about the consequences of this process which can deprive the humanity of the productive soils which can cause the catastrophe in agriculture and food supply. It is evident that natural factors cause harm to the quality soil, but the human activity is more dangerous because it devastates and exhausts soils.

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So, the most productive higher levels of soils can disappear because of such natural phenomena as rain, high wind and the process of deserting. Because of the increase in the average temperature (the global warming), the temperature becomes too high, and the formerly green territories turn into deserts. The human activity can reduce the soil productiveness because of the unprofessional approach towards the process of raising plants. Naturally, to maintain the soil productiveness, one should grow different plants on the single field and the cultures of factories built there should be changed annually. It is evident that the humanity should pay much attention to the protection of lands because productive soils are the single suppliers of the quality agricultural products, vegetables, and crops.

Land degradation is a serious problem which requires a rapid solution because land resources are supposed to be the most valuable ones. The student is expected to observe the issue from all sides to evaluate the seriousness and urgency of the land degradation, observe the types of degradation, the factors which cause it, etc. Land degradation can be compared with other ecological problems, and the student should brainstorm the unique approach towards the research and make the proposal exciting and informative to convince the professor in the relevance of land degradation and the necessity of the solution of the problem.

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