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Angela Isadora Duncan, born 27 May 1877 in San Francisco, California, died 14 September 1927 in Nice, France, was an American dancer. Duncan is considered one of the modern dance pioneers.

Isadora Duncan was born in San Francisco in 1877. After the childhood Duncan’s dreams took her to Chicago and New York, but her success was limited. Therefore, she decided to travel to Europe with her family to meet the artists. They had hardly any money, but Isadora would endure any hardship for her dancing, dance was her life.

To write a good research paper on Isadora Duncan, you must know that she performed with varying success in Paris (1903), Budapest, Florence, Berlin, St Petersburg (1905), Stockholm (1906), the United States (1908-22) and in Moscow (1921).

Isadora Duncan wanted to bring about a revival of the ancient Greek choral dance. Duncan danced with antique decorations and modeled reliefs, often barefoot and wearing only a thin Greek tunic, the way to dance for some time, particularly in Germany, caused a complete epidemic of more or less amateurish “barefoot dance.” The Russian ballet drama was also affected by Duncan’s dance theories.

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Isadora Duncan inspired other modern dancers of her time to creating their own styles. This was the biggest influence her dancing had; it was she who founded the arts to reach out in new directions, searching for new and exciting forms of expression and inspiration. With loose clothing, bare feet and loose hair Duncan revitalized the dance with the help of her body that provides power for all movements. Isadora Duncan is acclaimed for the invention of what later became known as modern dance.

Isadora Duncan drew her first idea of the dance rhythm of the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

She is one of the first to respond to the stress imposed on the body by the tutu or the spikes. She danced barefoot or radically bare and outside. She was also one of the first to get rid of the music and find her own inner musicality.

In reality, many other dancers seek and find new languages with the help of theorists of dance and music. Codes of classical dance are shelled and they are not new codes reborn but rather a style, a choreographer for each language. Research, questioning the codes and conventions are behind this revival in dance. According to Serge Lifar, the “new dance,” invoked by Isadora, was “a prayer and movements must lead their waves skyward communicating the eternal rhythm of the Universe.”

It was indeed for her especially for spiritual renewal, personal and collective. She claims to be coming to Europe “to bring about a revival of religion through dance, to reveal the beauty and sanctity of the human body by the expression of its movements, and not to entertain after dinner stuffed bourgeois: “dance is to pray.” She also sought to build a dance temple, in addition to school, when she meets Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin in 1912.

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