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The theory of the early childhood development has become quite popular a long ago. The first children who were carefully trained and developed, it is now approaching their retirement age. So now we can draw conclusions about how much early childhood development gives and how much it takes away.

When a baby is born, its parents are beginning to read a variety of books on education and child development. And, unfortunately, sometimes the development comes to the fore. This is understandable, because if the baby has no neurological problems, and it develops quite easily.

The process, which gives the result is always fascinating and, without noticing, Mom and Dad challenge their baby with all new tasks.

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Glenn Doman was an American doctor who was involved in the rehabilitation of the mentally retarded children. He came up with a special system of training with the cards. Later, the same system was used on healthy kids and immediately yielded surprising results. Several times a day, a child was shown various images, containing information, which he gradually learnt. The cycles were repeated, and gradually all the information was turned into the knowledge of the child.

Cecile Loupan’s technique cannot be called scientific; it is rather a natural and diversifying childhood development system, which takes into account child personality, interests, and inclinations. Cecile Loupan is, first of all, just a passionate mother who loves her two daughters and wants to give them different means of understanding the world from a very early age. Cecile tested the Glenn Doman method for their children, but it has not all work out.

She moved away from his rigid principles and adapted his technique into more creative activity, bringing in it emotions and entertaining. Her methods of harmonious development, Cecile Loupan described in her book “How to: Believe in your child.” In France, Cecile Loupan established her own company and many parents around the world adhere to her methodology.

There is hardly any person who still does not know the name of Maria Montessori, who developed special toys for play with in order to develop quickness and ability to find creative solutions.

Nikolai Zaitsev developed his own method of teaching the reading and math. In this case, all the sounds of the Russian language are added into certain combinations in order to build a word.

The Nikitins were the pioneers of early childhood development in Russia. They were supporters of, perhaps, the most natural manner of activities with children. Nikitin developed many puzzles and developmental techniques. But the information load on the child, in fact, was small.

These are, of course, not all authors of techniques that have emerged in recent times. Parents who are proponents of early childhood development, quickly understand the essence of each of them and start teaching their child.

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