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Effective leadership implies a set of completely different qualities and skills. These include the ability to analyze and be prepared to take into account the opinion of subordinates, focus on long-term goals rather than short-term objectives, the ability to create a cohesive team, and give it the incentives to work harder and be initiative.

Over the past few years, the educational level of employees has considerably increased, so the leadership position by itself cannot guarantee the supervisor that his orders will be carried out without question.

Such guarantee can only be obtained through the credibility and the formation of such a credibility takes time. Early transfer of young executives to posts that do not correspond to their acquired authority, puts them in a very difficult position. They cannot subtly influence their subordinates so they either have to “put pressure” on them, or do most of the work themselves.

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Therefore, if a company wants to grow really skilled managers, it should not be in a hurry with the assigning of young managers to responsible positions on the basis of their short-term success. The company has to take a decision for the promotion only when the young leaders acquired a certain prestige and specialized training, during which significant differences in the goals and methods of the different levels of management need to be analyzed.

The behavior of the leader must be notable for some aggressiveness, persistence, and a willingness to accept the transfer of information, rationality, care and precision, honesty, fairness, humor, desire to establish contacts, the ability to properly respond to reasonable objections, a willingness to make decisions, self-criticism, self-control, confidence in demeanor, tact, tolerance, respect for people, a positive attitude toward competition, the orientation toward achieving the goals.

Among the most important characteristics of effective leadership, there is a realistic assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of employees, the ability to negotiate with the higher managers, providing a favorable nature of the relationship between subordinates and their interest in the qualitative performance of official duties.

Hence, there are factors that determine the effective leadership. It is an ability and desire to achieve results, to take responsibility and risks, a willingness to begin the processes of change, and use it for the benefit of the organization, willingness to cooperate, making rapid decisions, an ability to foresee the future, to be broad-minded, to have a sense of the situation, to see and highlight the important thing, to control his opinion, to have a respect for others, and a healthy vanity.

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