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In business leadership is the embodiment of the organizational management by the top-manager of the company. Leadership embraces the development of the view, planning, decision making, motivation, organization, development, improvement and supply the definite people with the certain power to reach the definite goals. Leadership is not only the trait of businessmen, because it is required in every sphere of the human life. Leadership is the ability to influence people and make them unite under the leader’s control to reach the common goal. It is natural that such influence on people can be useful in education, politics, business and nearly every sphere where there is the need to head a group of people and operate their actions.

Briefly, leadership is the ability to influence people with the help of the power of the leader’s authority and other personal qualities. Obviously one can not become a leader just because he wants it, because this trait of character is given with birth and a very small percent of people are born leaders.

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The leader is supposed to maintain the quality of work, inform, teach, control, encourage and plan the employee’s work and in order to do it, one should possess knowledge on psychology and human behaviour and have developed communicative skills. There are three basic models of leadership and every of them has its own peculiarities, strong and weak sides. So, the main types of leadership are authoritarian (the leader imposes his point of view on the staff); democratic (the leader shares the power and duties with the staff) and liberal (the leader only facilitates and encourages employees who solve all the problems themselves).

Leadership is an important quality which maintains the process of the group work. Every group requires a leader and the leader should choose the best approach and style of management in order to make the staff work well. The young professional can dwell on the importance of leadership in different spheres of the human life, describe the styles of leadership and inform about their advantages and disadvantages, provide the professor with the trustworthy quality facts which illustrate the use of every leadership style on practice. The research report should contain condensed information about leadership and its style and the factors which influence on its effectiveness.

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Custom Research Report on Leadership

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