Research Paper on Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Record or EMR is a planned database in which the patient’s history, treatment information, medications, allergies, and other health data for the statutory health insurance sector should be kept.

Electronic medical record is the unified registration of personal data and all the information about the patient and his health care, which is stored electronically. It is accessible, with appropriate limitations, in all cases in which medical assistance is required (emergency, primary, specialty, hospital admissions, etc.).

EMR should integrate all information about a patient, which is used in clinical practice. This system was created to improve the quality of clinical care.

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The main task of EMR system is to properly store this information, make a friendly accessible, adequately disseminated among possible uses and to provide guarantees of consent, confidentiality, security, and other requirements.

Doctors, dentists, pharmacies, and nursing facilities should be able to recall EMR without loss of time everywhere and anywhere when needed. The data can be stored centrally or locally depending on the model. Participation will initially be voluntary for all players. Patients should be allowed to decide on the scope and duration of storage.

The design of the national EMR systems shall be regulated by law. The goal of innovation is to be able to control processes and outcome in medical treatment procedures. This reflects the centrally planned systems differ fundamentally from private internet-based services such as Google Health, HealthVault (Microsoft) or Evita (Swisscom).

Austria has approved the introduction of the electronic health record named ELGA 2013. In Germany, the concept is still being researched with regional model experiments.

For many years, EMR system had been under development and data is increasingly stored electronically and is centrally available. An electronic medical record is a collection of medical data of a person. In addition, EMR contains non- medical information, such as patient’s wellness information, diets, physiotherapy notes, etc. It is Internet-based with minimal client requirements.

The data belongs only to the owner, which may, after a complex security check, provide access to the information (reading and / or writing) to other people such as doctors or institutions, such as hospitals.

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