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Theology is a science about God. The literal meaning of the term is theoretical thoughts and perceptions of surrounding us world’s nature and our relationship with the (possible) over mundane reality.

To write a good research paper on the topic, you have to understand that Biblical Theology is a scientific work summarizing the Bible’s theology. The subject is located on the boundary between the exegetical study and systematic theology. Biblical Theology petitions are structured often chronologically unlike the systematic theology that always works thematically. Because at most universities, colleges and theological seminaries the Bible science is divided into two disciplines: the Old and New Testament.

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The discussion of Old Testament theology in the second half of the 1900s was mainly focused on whether there is a theological center in the OT theology. This depends a lot on Walter Eichrodt, who wrote a classic book on the subject in the 1930s that the Association had as its center. Gerhard von Rad, who wrote a book in which the meaning of the historical events gave structure to the book, is opponent to this approach. He believes that it is better to do justice to the historical process behind the Old Testament emergence.

More recently, Francis Watson questioned whether one can truly write an Old Testament theology without including the New Testament in the petition. That there is something in the Old Testament that depends on the existence of a known New Testament.

Besides the two directions in theology – Christian confessional thoughts on God and the academic, scientific studies of God, there is theology, in the sense of intellectual reflections on one’s own divinity, in any way in any society where there is institutionalized belief systems around an over mundane reality.

In Buddhism, theology is a main part of the religion. The concept is somewhat misleading, since in Buddhism there is no equivalent term for God, theos. The Buddhist theology is for this reason, usually called Buddhist philosophy.

Islam gives historically not the same importance to theology in Islam called kalam, as Christianity. Instead, the Islamic law, Sharia, has a more prominent role in religious discourses and academic religious studies. The Christian equivalent of sharia is canon law, as in theocracies was a component in the country’s legal system. Religious philosophers in Islam are often perceived as not theologians, but as a writer who wrote about God.

Because Judaism has been a minority religion in virtually all of Western chronology, the jew theology did not have the same academic roots as their Christian counterparts, and theological issues have been dealt with locally in the synagogues. Jewish theology has had a great influence on both the Islamic and Christian theology. Judaism theologians have historically been essentially rabbis, but during the last decade of the 1900s, there was also scientific, non-denominational approach.

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