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False advertising is the feigning of a specific content using a false or misleading content indicated on the label. The modern language thus describes the true meanings of the label of a product, in a figurative or abstract sense, as a complex state of affairs (for example, a party could miss what her name would promise.)

To write a good piece of a research paper on false advertizing you have to know that the term has its linguistic origin in French language, at the time of the Middle Ages. During this time, a special cheat sheet, the instructions for the behavior at a court ceremony contained was used. This was called the “etiquette” and was a summary of a complex social behavior.

The composite word “misnomer” was used until the end of the 20th century in three categories:

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  • The meaning associated with a commodity. Colloquially, the most common form.
  • As a metaphor in the social context: “Do not get what was expected.” Here, there are many regional and temporary manifestations in language use.
  • In the legal sense as deception. However, it was not used as a legal term.

There are three ways of false advertising:

  1. The first one is a lie: The deliberate misinformation about the content. A typical example was the so-called rotten meat scandal in 2005 and 2006; thus the name “rotten meat” became popular and has been widely used. Meat with expired shelf life was not destroyed but brought with falsified data on its durability on the labels again in the trade. Another variation is to mix fresh meat with slaughterhouse waste and low-grade meat. This meat was provided with labels referring only to the original, higher-quality goods.

    Another form of this kind of misnomer is the falsification of quality labels, which may only be used if the manufacturing and processing of goods having precisely defined quality characteristics are used in raw materials, manufacturing processes, and storage. The establishments authorized to manufacture these goods and use the seal are legal, as members by their own associations and ex officio by technical authorities constantly reviewed for compliance with the seal of underlying conditions. Goods with these certificates are, because of the elaborate production, more expensive than uncontrolled mass-produced, accept what customers but when they promised this quality and production traits have the priority before price in a purchase decision.

  2. The second is a distortion of information: it is about the concrete mitigating of information.

    A typical example is obscuring a big amount of sugar used by listing as ingredients by various types of sugar. A popular concealment method is unwillingly provided required information by the manufacturer, so small and casual as possible on the label in the “small print” so they do not catch the eye.

  3. The third one is glare: The mixing of the Table of Contents with advertising through adaptation in form and style.

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