Research Proposal on Advertising Strategies

Advertising is the process of making your product famous and well-known to customers. If the goods and services are recognized everywhere, that means that advertising of the company is of the highest quality.

It is obvious that it is not enough to advertise the product simply showing its shape and describing its qualities. The majority of the customers buy goods because of other reasons which are based on the well-organized smart technique or strategy of the creators of an advertisement. There are several essential strategies which can attract customers and make them believe that the advertised product is good enough.

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First of all it is not always required to demonstrate the functions of the product; one can simply illustrate the benefits which are waiting for the customer if he buys the product. For example, the company which produces expensive watches does not have to describe the inner side of the watch, it can simply show the benefits, like status, success and respect from others if one buys such a watch. Another strategy is the image strategy which does not focus on the product but on the person who buys the product. The product makes the image and style of the person and its qualities become not important. Next, many companies use the strategy of sales and discounts creating brochures with the list of the goods and services which are sold with the discount. Moreover, they introduce the full-price goods there to inform customers about their existence. People decide to buy the reduce-priced goods, although they often do not need them.

The success of a company often depends on its advertising strategy, so it is important to know everything about them to protect from their impact and, on the contrary, to use them in your own business in future. An advertising strategies research proposal is considered to be a successful one if a student makes it sound, interesting, catchy and informative. In order to make the professor interested in the chosen topic one should demonstrate knowledge on the problem, present the methodology and literature review in the research proposal to show that much work has already been done for the research. Finally, the paper should contain reliable expected results section and should be written in the persuasive manner.

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