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Fear is an internal condition that is caused by a real or perceived threat of disaster. From the point of view of psychology, fear is negatively colored emotional process.

In the Theory of Differential Emotions by K. Izard, fear is attributed to the basic emotions that implies fear to be an innate emotional process with genetically predetermined physiological component, strictly defined facial expression and specific subjective experience. The causes of fear can be real or imaginary danger. Fear mobilizes the body for the implementation of avoiding behaviors.

The awareness of finitude of existence, rougher, fear of death, ritualized the life of primitive man. Ritual, leveling fears, allowed to gather cultural information, improving the methods of its conservation. Methods, regulators, and results of human existence changed. Not the last role fear played in the emergence of the state. We can say that fear was one of the factors leading to the foundation of communities. It caused the desire to unite in order to fight together against the outside threats.

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In terms of religion, fear occupies an important place in human life. Here, fear rises to the metaphysical level and includes not only the problem of life and death, but also a moral aspect. Death itself becomes a kind of transition to another world. And what world it would be depends on how people lived their lives. In this case, the represented cause of fear is not an objective reality, but is outside of direct knowledge. In a sense, we can assume that fear had a great influence on the development of such criteria as morality.

A special role fear plays in art and literature, including the gothic story genre (or a Gothic novel) and a horror movie cinematic genre. Epic and mythological folklore, folk superstition are the most used sources for these genres.

The emotional process caused by fear may differ in different situations and people. Its intensity may vary and have various influence on behavior. Fear can be manifested as excitement or depressed emotional state. Very intense fear (e.g., horror) is often accompanied by depression. Such mental disorders as phobias can lead to frequent and strong paroxysms of fear.

To prepare a decent research proposal on fear you would have to use free sample research paper on different topics, which can give you an idea that some philosophers, especially those who approach this phenomenon from purely moral positions, believe fear to be a harmful emotion with bad consequences. Other philosophers, especially those who see fear as primarily biological phenomenon, however, believe it would be beneficial because it alerts body in dangerous situations. These two approaches are not mutually exclusive, as the emotion of fear as the feeling of pain, ensures survival of the individual, and becomes unproductive or dangerous only in the most intense and long forms.

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