Research Proposal on Fear of Crime

Fear of crime is the phenomenon of the fear of becoming a victim of a crime. Fear of crime can be called a certain type of the psychological disorder or mainly phobia. The person is afraid of becoming an integral part of the crime, so to get involved into this act. Fear of crime is often connected with the fear of youth, as the young people are often associated with crime being rough and emotional. When the person suffers from the fear of crime, this influences her life negatively and makes it complicated.

The person starts avoiding walking in the crowded places fearing that the big number of people improves the risk of being involved into the crime. In addition, the person tries to walk only in the familiar places in the particular hours believing that stability and predictability of the situation will help her to avoid crime. The person also applies preventive measures to avoid crime, including the means of self-defense and high expenses on the alarm systems to prevent stealth of the automobile or to stop burglars penetrating into the house.

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The fear of crime is also a positive thing, because the person starts to think about her safety, improves the means of self-defense, etc. Of course, if the fear is very strong, it turns into the certain paranoia and the person sees a threat of crime everywhere. In order to help one get rid of the fear of crime, he survives the therapy with a psychologist, who defines the reasons of the fear and clears up the real possibility of crime for a common person.

Fear of crime is a kind of paranoia or phobia which is based on the psychological fear of participation in the crime in the role of a victim. The student who is going to research the topic deeper is supposed to study the origin of the fear, the types of the fear, its influence on the human life and social relations. The research proposal should convince the professor that the topic on fear of crime is a worthy one and the investigation and explanation by the student will improve the condition of the problem and illustrate the possible solutions to the existing problem.

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