Research Paper on Horror Movies

The horror movie is a movie genre that provokes in the viewer feelings of fear, terror and destruction. Often, but not necessarily, for achieving this effect supernatural actors or phenomena, one of which is usually life-threatening and traumatic emanate effect on the protagonists.

While the viewer may experience such reactions as fear, terror or disturbance in other films – such as a documentary about medical operations, a horror movie set triggering such emotions as a goal.

To write a successful research paper on the topic the writer should know that a frequently encountered feature of the horror movie is that threat in it is often of supernatural character or scientifically not always explainable. By this horror movie is different from the thriller, to which he is close enough. Typical supernatural opponents in the horror movie are vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, aliens, monsters, mutants or out of control creatures (such as golems). However, there are many horror movies that do without supernatural actors and phenomena, such as a slasher film in which the threat of mostly human, and emanates from psychopathic killers.

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Despite their largely unrealistic scenarios yet the laws applied to the creation of fictional worlds in the horror movie, are based on rationalism of our everyday life. Thus, unlike in fairy tales and fantasy movies, the demons in the horror movie not a normal, natural part of the plot, but rather are a shock element.

“Horror is a genre of fantasy, impossible in the real world, but possible and real in that of fiction, largely similar to our, and where people who are also the same, react to these signs of the fragility of their world with horror.”

Thus, for the effect of horror to occur, horror movie mostly tries to produce in the viewer a strong emotional identification with the endangered protagonist. Even more so than other movie genres, horror movie relies on that the viewer is watching the movie scene with the eyes of the movie goers.

Thus the first person view may, but need not necessarily, be used in camera work.

Dramatically, the horror movie thrives on the paradoxical juxtaposition of exception and rule. If the rule is expected to rule the exception, and vice versa: The safety-promising natural law is interrupted by the horrible wonder or the merciless law of nature is opposed to the hoped-for miracle. In the deluded expectation that something “fishy” is going on, the ideas of natural law and social normalcy overlap.

A variety of the horror movie is the psychological horror. In contrast to the classic horror movie in which the startle effect is achieved with the described, especially supernatural phenomena, the psychological horror works with a ubiquitous, more diffuse threat. This manifests itself again and again by unexpected danger situations, the cause, however, for the time being or even permanently remains in the dark.The horror is based here, as generally in the horror movie, on the fear of the unknown. For example, the audience feels extradited if most of the settings are kept so subjective that he is denied the objective, distanced overview.

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