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User Interface Design is a discipline that deals with the design of user interfaces between man and machine. For the conditions, objectives and obstacles of this interaction are investigated by both human and technical side and later – if possible – is to be optimized to serve humanity. Goal of interface design is a user interface that is designed so that the widest possible range of users finds an optimal interaction with a ;achine though appropriate action steps. While Interaction Design studies in detail a user behavior with a product and designs an interface to help the user to employ the product.

Thus, the interface design deals with a concrete product and designs an interface. Both disciplines are difficult to separate from each other, the boundaries are blurred, because every interaction designers designed mostly a graphical interface. Typical fields of work of interface designers are software design, usability research, web design or product design.

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Use free sample research paper on user interface design to knoz that in the definition of Jef Raskin the term “user interface design” is limited not only to the design of graphical user interfaces (GUI), but is also used on behalf of an “interface between man and machine or human-computer”. Speech recognition is therefore also an interface. Specifically, he says: “An interface is namely the way how a product performs a specific task – that is what the user can do and how the system responded.” A successful definition of the terminology interface design and interaction design is the consideration of the interaction design as a design of a process, while the interface design comes closest to designing a final product.

For the interaction with a single user interface there is usually a screen, but also input manipulators, for example – to run a computer a user needs interaction request and feedback mechanisms (input and output of data via keyboard / controller / targeted action) within a reasonable time to a self-contained meaningful result . An important aspect of this is that the user should experience a positive user experience when interacting.

By far the largest field within the Interface / Interaction designs is the interaction with a computer. Here Interface Design is part of the human-computer interaction field. The objective is the optimal finding, evaluating, modifying, and storing information that the user executes within a digital data space (website, database, program, etc.). There are conceptual (measurable and controllable, “hard”) and aesthetic (individual, “soft”) parts that take into account aspects of the interaction. Testing an interface is usually carried out by the respective target group already during the design phase.

User Interface Design is a young discipline, born at the end of the era of the text-driven computer control, and the beginning of visual user interfaces: working with the mouse, graphical representation of content, etc. With the increase of computer workstations, the concept of software ergonomics is an important part of software production fixed by law.

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