Research Paper on Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration (or irregular migration) means migration to a foreign state without a legal permission of the state authorities. Illegal immigration can take many forms (forced migration, labor migration, etc.) and have many different reasons (wars and asylum, overpopulation, family reunification, deprivation of citizenship). The people in this situation have the status of illegal aliens or “illegals.”

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Illegal immigration relates generally to people from relatively poor countries seeking better standards of living in better socioeconomically developed countries (the United States of America for example). However, contrary to popular belief, it is not the poorest who migrate, but those who can afford it (high cost of travel), and hoping to better social promotion abroad than they would have in their country.

While trying to reach countries with better living conditions, illegal immigrants often take significant risks and endanger their own lives. Determined to leave everything behind and try their luck elsewhere, they often became victims of “honest” smugglers who makes them pay an exorbitant price to provide the means to cross natural barriers (sea, mountain, desert, etc.) or human (border) in extremely precarious security conditions. Every year hundreds of illegal migrants die trying to attain their destination, victims of shipwrecks or the desert.

The problem of illegal immigration is very topical today. To assess its importance you can familiarize yourself with statistics on the matter. No less important are the collateral factors related to this phenomenon such as slavery, prostitution, and death. Many private and government’s institutions are trying to define tactical ways of resolving current situation; they do their best to eliminate the reasons that push people to such desperate actions in order to improve their situation. You can also become part of this global endeavor by writing persuasive Illegal immigration research paper.

And to do this right you must conduct your own investigation of the matter. You have to process large amount of information to find out the primary causes and existing methods of reducing and eliminating illegal immigration. You will have to analyze deeply the economic underpinnings of the issue by referring to authoritative sources and present your own views on the progress, which have already been made in resolving this complex issue. It is very important that you take the task seriously.

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