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Illegal street racing is car races running in traffic. Street racing is a part of underground culture and has traveled more widely since the 1930s.

The classical form of street racing is short, fast race where two cars compete against each other over a short distance, usually 1/4 or 1/8 English mil (402 and 201 meters).

Fixed distance differs drag racing from street racing, where the main task is to reach the predetermined finish by any route. Unlike the latter, drag racing is safer for other road users, as competitions are held on special routes under clearly defined rules, so these races have the status of international competitions recognized by the FIA. Street racing or Street-challenge-type of street racing originated in Russia. The idea arose in the image of the Monaco Grand Prix. The race goes through the city streets, but only in Russia the race is way more dangerous because the traffic is not blocked during the race.

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The Americans argue that the official history of drag racing started in 1948 on a specially built for drag racing track in Goleta, California.

In fact, an unofficial record of this type of car and motorcycle sport started in the mid 20’s, when the smooth dried-up bottom of Mojave Lake in California was used for the first race. You could ride on anything: the main requirement was that a vehicle had to have an engine and wheels… The aim was to develop maximum speed at a certain distance of a quarter mile 402. Perhaps 402 meters were the optimal distance for maximum acceleration, which can still be seen and the start and finish of these American “bomb on wheels.”

In Europe, the earliest mention of drag racing was made in the 30s of the 20th century. The first drag racing in Europe was held in England. The first races subsequently gave rise to the English tradition of drag racing. In those days, competitions were held on a closed private road. World War II halted the drag racing development for a long time – Europe was immersed in the war, and all the powers were invested in the military industry. However, to some extent, the war contributed to the revival of European drag racing, though differently than in the U.S. The fact is that during the war many runways were built in England. Those runways became unnecessary after the war and helped to create the perfect dragstrips. In particular, the first real European dragstrip is located on the site of the former American bombers base.

Today, the term “street racing” started to be used in more broad sense than the classic, often any form of competition or sometimes joyride on a public road can be called street racing.

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