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BMX (bicycle motocross) is a sport with a special type of bike, called a BMX bike. BMX is exerted on a path similar to a motocross track with a variety of jumps and banked turns, so called Bermar. BMX was developed in California USA during the early 1970s, the boys who were too young to participate in motocross, instead developed BMX (hence bicycle motocross). From the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing in the People’s Republic of China, BMX is an Olympic branch. The organized BMX sport is governed internationally by the International Cycling Union, UCI.

Research paper on the topics will show you that BMX refers to the late 1960s in United States where athletes on a 20″-bike (20-inch – Wheels) performed various tricks or stunts.

The BMX precursor was the early 1960s, the so-called “Sting-Ray” bike, which in a developed form came to Europe as ‘Chopper in the 1970s. Even with these “Sting-Ray” bikes helped young people in the United States to perform jumps and banked curves, with about 400 meters long sandy course in head-to-head races against seven opponents out. Since the bikes were not really designed for these tough conditions, new bikes were to be developed with statically stable frame, but retaining the high handlebar and the 20-inch rims. The first “real” BMX was born. BMX bikes were very fashionable in the early 1980s as a bicycle for children and adolescents.

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In Europe, the BMX courses are awailable at resorts Boras, Kungsbacka, Hallstavik, Linköping, Lerum, Marsta, Malmö, Uppsala, Upplands Väsby, Fairfield, Östhammar, and Ängelholm.

“BMX Freestyle” is another branch, which in turn can be divided into a few subgroups:

  • Flatland – riding on flat land with different types of spins on the front and rear wheels. You can usually find a flatland practitioner in a parking lot or in any garage. The probability is high that he or she is there alone as it is no widespread sport in Europe. Flatland bikes also differ little from other freestyle bikes as they are shorter and often have steep frame angles.
  • Street – to go on the obstacles that are typical for any town: railings, stairs, walls, concrete sows, and the like.
  • Park – a skatepark inspired style, which contains a bank, quarter pipes, “boxes,” “hippar” and others. Area 51, ??Capital bike park, Freezer house, Fun skatepark, The Hangar, Hofors X Park and Saginaw are some famous places.
  • Mini Ramp – usually about 180 cm tall, sometimes with a “spine,” that is, two bends towards each other with only a steel tube (“coping”) in between.
  • Vertramp – big ramp with vertical sides on the very top, 3-5 feet high.
  • Dirt or trails – the hope off the compacted soil with a gap and then a landing, sometimes one right after another. Fittja was long the most famous place in Europe, but is now thrown out, however, there is a similar place in Saginaw south of Stockholm.

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