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Immunization is a naturally or artificially caused resistance defined as protective immunity against an infectious disease. Immunization can be divided in two main subsections: active immunization and passive immunization. Active immunization is either natural process, and means the introduction of a microbe or other antigen into the body before any vaccination, or it is artificial active immunization, and implies the administration of pre-treated microbes or their parts or vaccination.

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Passive immunization can also occur naturally, while transferring maternal antibodies through the placenta, or it can be done artificially, and means the administration of active humoral immunity in the form of antibodies from one individual to another.

The role of immunization can be overestimated. According the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention immunization is one of the “Ten Great Public Health Achievements in the 20th Century.” Thousands and thousands of lives of both adults and children were saved due to use of immunizations. Many infectious diseases have for the most part disappeared all over the Planet. Poliomyelitis is one of them. Because of the dedication of doctors and the parents who vaccinated their children on time, there have been no cases of the infection in the U.S. since 1979. Poliomyelitis periodically emerges outside the United States so there still remains the risk to be infected. That is why it is very important to go through the whole procedure of vaccination especially for the people who travels to areas of the planet where the disease is still prevalent.

Disclosure of the issue in your research paper on immunization promises familiarity with a range of very important and very interesting chapters in the history of modern medicine. For any self-respecting scholar search for the truth has the most important priority. That is why the topic of immunization is a real mine of information for the true researcher. Your task is to clarify the origin and development of this phenomenon. Define the role of key figures in the formation, evolution, and prevalence of immunization. It is also necessary to read the statistics for major infectious diseases before and after the introduction of compulsory immunization and provide illustrative examples of its efficacy. For this, you will have to do a lot of work and process a huge amount of information, which is not always useful, but your recompense will be the result of this work, namely the disclosure of one of the major topics in the history of the health care sciences and health care.

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