Research Paper on Vaccines

The term “vaccines” refers to special preparations, which are made up of killed or weakened pathogens or their waste products. These biological preparations get their name from smallpox vaccination, which was made from cowpox virus. The technique of antigen inoculation to the patient is called vaccination or immunization.

English physician Edward Jenner was the first to discover the healing power of vaccines in 1796. I was he, who artificially inoculated vaccinia virus to the child. In the issue, the child had developed immunity to smallpox. French scientist Louis Pasteur, founder of Medical Microbiology, laid the foundations of the scientific theory of therapeutic vaccination.

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Vaccines have stood in the way of many extremely difficult and dangerous infectious diseases that had previously been considered untreatable. Among these diseases are noted children’s polio and tuberculosis, which are treated successfully enough using vaccination. Vaccination can prevent measles, whooping cough, tetanus, gas gangrene, diphtheria, and many other infection diseases.

It is impossible to overestimate the contribution that the vaccination has made to the fight against infectious diseases. This simple method of treatment and prevention of diseases undoubtedly saved millions of lives around the world. In their research papers on vaccines, medical students have to elaborate on the background and history of the origin of vaccination, tell about the pioneers in this field, who first took the liberty to use a virus of a deadly infectious disease in order to save the lives of their patients. The formation of the scientific theory of the treatment infectious diseases using weakened or killed bacteria must be traced by the investigators all the way from the beginning. It is necessary to show what results have been achieved by vaccination and find out in what areas of modern medicine the use of vaccination brings new and unexpected results. There is also need to talk about vaccines and autism and explain what edible and DNA vaccines are.

To write a good research paper, an author must comply with the standards of research papers writing and requirements of scientific style. These measures provide an unambiguous perception and evaluation of data by readers. According to these standards, the main part of your work should present results of your research along with the arguments on how they relate to the main idea of ??the paper. In addition to that, you need to compare the results with the initial goal of the work, the value of your results for future research. With all said, we can anticipate that some of the students will have some troubles in writing their paper. For these students there are many free example research papers on the Web that will surely help them understand the standards of proper research paper writing.

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