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Isaac Asimov, born Isaak Yudovich Ozimov about January 2, 1920 in Petrovichi in Byelorussian SSR, died April 6, 1992 in New York City in New York, was a Russian-American novelist, known for his science fiction novels, not least for the Foundation series and the Robot novels. Asimov also wrote hundreds of popular scientific works which have rarely been characterized as science-fiction, such as Sense of Wonder. Asimov’s interest in robots – he formulated three laws of Robotics, – has made him a kind of robots’ godfather. He appeared from 1977 to 1992 in the science-fiction magazine that bears his name: Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.

If you want to write a successful research paper on the topic you need to know that Isaac Asimov also wrote under the pseudonyms H. B. Ogden and Paul French. Asimov was a member of Mensa.

Asimov was born around January 2, 1920 in the town of Petrovichi near Smolensk in Belarusian SSR. When he was three, his family moved to the United States and he was growing up in Brooklyn, New York.

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He graduated from Columbia University in 1939 and became a Ph.D. in chemistry in 1948. Subsequently, he was employed at Boston University where he was to stay, even though he, no longer had any tuition obligation from 1958. Looking ahead, he would most likely to engage in the writing, a career he has already begun.

Around 1940, he started writing science fiction. In 1941, his novella Star Night came out. It tells a story about a planet that is part of a complex stellar systems, with a night only once every 2000 years. He went on to write a number of classic Foundation trilogy and I, Robot in 1958 before he wrote his last fiction book for a long time to come.

Instead, he concentrated on popular science and in the next few decades wrote hundreds of books in a variety of fields. In 1972, he made a brief comeback with The Gods Themselves. It would take him until 1980 before returning to literary writing. During the 1980s and 1990s, he came to write more books in the Foundation and Robot series and then came to linking them.

Isaac Asimov died April 6, 1992 of AIDS. He had acquired the disease through HIV-infected blood during a bypass operation in 1983. The cause of his death was announced in 2002 by his wife, Janet, in her biography It’s been a Good Life.

Asimov was a humanist, rationalist and opponent of the belief in supernatural phenomena, though not to the religion itself.

Politically, he was a supporter of the Democrats and stood on most issues to the left, although he disliked the element of irrationalism that he felt that many on the left suffered from the 60s onwards. He was a nuclear supporter and advocated population control.

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