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Most often located outside cities, landfill, dump, or dumping ground is a specially equipped place for the disposal of industrial, domestic or other waste materials.

As industry and residential areas provide a large amount of waste that cannot be completely utilized for some reasons or others, which usually have technological or economic nature, landfill became a necessary attribute of life of cities and other populated areas. Unauthorized or poorly equipped public or private landfills pose a serious environmental threat in developing and rich countries, which must handle hundreds of thousands of them, often old and forgotten. Landfills often become a breeding ground for rats, insects and other animals that are potential carriers of infection diseases.

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Waste recovery regulations became very strict today. Since the late twentieth century, it is forbidden to use landfill in preference to waste utilization sites or waste incineration. In some countries, such as France, in theory, only waste utilization sites can be used as classified installations for safe garbage disposal.

Strict standards for the environmental protection are necessary to eliminate risks of pollution. For example, landfill site must be equipped with a waterproof layer to avoid the penetration of toxic substances into groundwater and pollute natural streams rivers and other water bodies. It is must also be covered with an impermeable barrier layer for the methane release utilization.

Students who chose landfills topic for their research paper must also mentioned that landfills are not always specially equipped places or classified installations. It seems that many places and underground water bodies present in reality old landfills. This is problematic in the sense that these sites are impeding the protection of the natural environment and threatening the safety and health of people living nearby. In addition to that, it is necessary to say that in developing countries unauthorized landfills are often the place of habitation of homeless persons and the criminal industry for marginal elements involved in collecting metals, glass and other recycled materials, as well as food conditionally suitable for consumption. Large landfills have their permanent residents and generate marginal subculture.

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