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Sanitation is a set of practical measures, which aims to improve the hygienic conditions. Sanitation is strongly linked to public health because of the many diseases associated with an unhealthy environment. Proximity to the waste-water can cause diseases of fecal-oral transmission (diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis, cholera), or related to a vector (malaria, filariasis, dengue). Other diseases are also linked to poor basic sanitation and in particular defective or poorly equipped latrines: nematodes, bilharziasis, and other worms. Sanitation aims to ensure the disposal and treatment of waste-water and excreta in minimizing risks to human health and the environment.

Generally, remediation includes procedures of removal and treatment of waste-water and solid waste products.

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These procedures include:

  1. FiltrationFiltration is carried out in order to ensure the safety of water reuse. Waste-water is filtrated to bring to the standards that allow the use of this water without harm to the environment and human health. The waste-water goes through special filters that separate liquid and solid contaminants. Then the water is saturated with ozone and oxygen, and passed through a more fine filter. Finally, the water is sterilized with a solution of chlorine.
  2. LandfillsGarbage disposal in a landfill for the purpose of later recycling ensures cleaning of residential and industrial areas of the city from the waste of mineral and organic origin, which could be a habitat of harmful insects and animals. In addition to that, these solid waste products, such as food, etc. undergo rapid decomposition, and can become a source of pathogens.
  3. UtilizationThe next stage is the utilization of garbage and waste products, which can be used after recycling. Such waste products are sorted by type of recycling. Then they are crushed, deprived of impurities and, if necessary, melted. The list of materials that can be recycled include various metals, plastics, paper, and glass.
  4. Ecological sanitationEcological sanitation involves the installation of composting toilets, where the situation requires it (e.g. developing countries). In addition to that, there is a distribution of special training literature, which helps to improve the educational level of people in terms of hygiene and sanitation. Such literature popularly explains the importance of hand washing with soap and water, etc.

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