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Life skills are a set of skills that people have received through training or direct experience when dealing with frequently rising issues in the daily lives of people.

World Health Organization (WHO) defines life skills as “the ability to adapt that allows people to handle the challenges and demands of everyday life in efficient manner.” In primary education and secondary education, life skills can be a set of abilities and skills trained to meet the specific needs of life and modernization; life examples include (individual) financial management, food preparation, hygiene, expression, and organizational skills. Sometimes life skills, but not always, derive from the professional skills (career).

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Those college or university writers who choose life skills as topic for their research paper, should know that according to WHO, life skills are divided into two categories as psychosocial skills and personal skills, comprehension and thinking, with 10 elements such as self-awareness, creative thinking, problem solving, communication skills for dealing with others, to cope with stressful, emotional, and sympathetic situations, thinking and critical commentary, decision making, effective communication, and how to negotiate.

The subject varies greatly according to social norms and expectations of the community. For example, UNICEF argues that there is no definitive list of skills, but the organization lists a lot of interpersonal and psychosocial skill, which are regarded as basic for everyday living.

Currently the life skills education has various different forms. In many Western countries, young people are learning life skills for these situations that happen in life, how to face and cope with the difficulties, and how to overcome these difficulties and how to avoid the contradictions, conflicts, violence between people. In Asia, elementary students learn how to deal with the such accidents as fires, earthquakes, natural disasters, and many others.

Ultimately, the interaction between the various skills is what produces powerful behavior, especially when the strategy was previously calculated. Skills for life can range from financial literacy, prevention of harmful substances, techniques therapeutic to manage disabilities, such as autism.

In Europe, life skills are concerned as very significant part of the general education and are as important as academic skills and politics. The life skills education has been an object of lot of interest lately.

In addition, there are many online community playground Living Skills Online training where you can participate in discussions with forum members on life skills, participate in skills online and offline training programs.

The main purpose of the acquisition of “skills for life” is, in short, the overcoming of obstacles and the ability to live to the best of their ability.

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