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Losing weight means to reduce the body weight by reducing the total body mass, including body fluids, body fat or adipose tissue and/or muscles, tendons, or other connective tissue.

Weight loss can be intentional as a result of dieting, or otherwise expected due to anorexia or less food intake in relation to the amount of energy consumed, which can ensure that the expected weight reduction, whether it is desirable (as in obesity) or harmful (as in eating disorders).

Abnormal weight loss, without corresponding reduction in food intake relative to energy consumed, is a sign of an underlying disease and is therefore a symptom in itself should be examined.

College and university students who have chosen the losing weight topic for their research paper have to understand that an abnormal weight loss can occur due to the muscle atrophy, reduction of fat, fluid loss, or as a combination thereof.

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It is often considered as a medical problem for adults when it occurs unintentionally and the loss is at least 10% of the person’s body weight in six months (e.g., 6 kg if the person first weighed 60 kg), or 5% in a month (e.g., 3 kg of person first weighed 60 kg). Another criterion is that abnormal weight loss is related to BMI, which means that weight loss is abnormal if a person reaches its limit for underweight, i.e., gets a BMI below 18.5. However, it should be noted that less weight loss than that can also be related to a serious situation, so for example for older, frail persons, and for children.

If weight loss leads to underweight, it in itself may permit worsen the health condition, and give e.g. menstrual disorders, impaired immune system, disorders of thermal regulation, altered metabolism, vitamin deficiency, poor stamina, and strength, as well as disturbances in fluid balance. The weight change caused by an underlying disease worsen the prognosis.

If a weight loss is due to the body uses fewer nutrients than it consumes, it is defined as a general nutritional deficiency. Sometimes, abnormal weight loss to be a drug side effect. Otherwise, there may be a systemic disease.

Diseases that can cause abnormal weight loss symptoms include metabolic diseases, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, AIDS, cancer, lung diseases, kidney diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

Non-expected weight loss, which is not about the food intake reduction, may be due to impaired digestion or absorption.

Another reason is the change in internal conditions, such as elevated metabolism (hyperthyroidism), heart failure, or cancer. The condition may also be due to nutrient losses during diarrhea or vomiting, and more.

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