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Love is, in the strict sense, can be understood as an emotion inspired by a strong feeling of interpersonal attraction. More generally, the term love can refer to a variety of feelings, states, and attitudes. Love gives satisfaction and allows self-fulfillment by the presence of another human being. Variety of use and meanings, combined with the complexity of feelings and attitudes make love difficult to define.

Through cultural and historical perspective, love is an vague term, which has a number of different contexts and nuances. The phenomenon has been perceived and experienced differently throughout history, cultures, and societies.

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Each historical period and society set its own code of conduct to cope with love. Therefore, the significance can vary from sensory perception to emotion and ethical attitude.

Endocrinology of love states an elevated level of phenylethylamine and dopamine, the creation of new neural loops and physiological reactions towards the person we love, such as sweating palms, increased heart rate (adrenaline release). In slightly more than half of the cases, the high hormone level returns to normal within 3-8 years or earlier. Other half shows a new state of equilibrium that can be defined as attachment, for which oxytocin, vasopressin, and serotonin is responsible.

However, love is not a simple chain of chemical reactions; it is always a matter of the interior and spirit. Without free will, love does not have a complete personal value. Love needs freedom as the only possible way to exist.

College students interested in this topic must deeply study all the material that relates to this issue. The diversity and breadth of the issue should be especially noted so that students can efficiently allocate their efforts and determine the necessary minimum of the working material, which would allow them accomplish successfully the research. It is important to identify the key points on which your research paper on love will be based. To set priorities in the elaboration of the strategy to assess and analyze each part of this multi-faceted phenomenon. To find, check and compare the facts that speak in favor of one or the other decision. To read the existing studies of this question, quote outstanding men of the past and our time, compare different ethnic and cultural views, belonging to different cultures and civilizations and find out the philosophical component of the issue. Your research should be objective and present the most asymmetric views on this matter. You also have to develop your own system of evaluation and use it to present your ideas on the matter.

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