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Oil drilling is the process of the oil well construction by breaking rocks. An oil well is a cylindrical excavation with a diameter much smaller than its length.

Oil and gas wells are drilled on land and at sea by means of drilling rigs. In the latter case, the rigs are mounted on the scaffold bridges, offshore drilling platforms, or ships. During the search, exploration and development of oil and gas deposits, various types of wells are drilled, such as support, parametric, structural, exploratory, operational, injection, observation, and others.

Based on archaeological findings and studies, it was discovered that primitive man drilled holes when manufacturing various tools in order to attach the handles about 25 thousand years ago. For that, he used flint drill as a working tool.

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The first reports of Chinese wells for water extraction date back to 600 BC The wells were constructed by percussive drilling and reached depth of 900 m. In 221-263 BC, in Sichuan, wells about 240 m deep were drilled to produce gas, which was used for the evaporation of salt. All this suggests using the drilling work not only for salt production, but also for oil and gas production.

The first well in the United States was drilled for the extraction of brine near the city of Charleston, West Virginia in 1806. In further search of brine in 1826 near the city of Burnsville, Kentucky oil was found by accident.

The first mention of the oil drilling is dated back to the 30-s of the XIX century. Shortly before, in 1846, the French engineer Fovel proposed method for the continuous cleaning of wells – their washing. The essence of the method was that the water was pumped from the surface through the hollow pipe into the well and forced the cuttings up. This method gained very quickly recognition, as it did not require drilling stopping.

The first oil well was drilled in the U.S. in 1859, in the area of ??Taytesvill, PA, by Edwin Drake, who worked then for the Seneca Oil Company. After two months of continuous drilling, Drake managed to drill a well with a depth of 22 m, which allowed oil production.

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